Using traditional Italian Effe Gelato machines, Mrs Ferg produces 50 flavours of Gelato and Sorbet with fresh materials locally sourced or made by Fergbaker in its award-winning flavour range. Visit our Shotover Street Store and watch our Gelato Chefs create you favour flavours daily in front of your eyes.

Mrs Ferg also offers a wide range of breakfast items, none better than the super healthy acai bowls, the perfect way to start the day. For a late night dessert, visit Mrs Ferg Beach St and dine in on one of our delicious dessert range or a speciality coffee.


Ferg vouchers are a great way to say thank you, congratulations, best wishes or safe travels. If you have friends or family visiting Queenstown this is the perfect gift. Order some vouchers online and we will arrange to have an e-voucher sent or we will post an old fashioned voucher to them, the choice is yours. Purchase today and we will contact you to organise the details.



As the newest business in the Ferg story you have to dog a little deeper to find stories and reviews about Mrs Ferg. You will find many social media posts around our gelato bike and the fundraising it does at local schools. You will find reviews on our extensive range of flavours via tripadvisor, google or other platforms. Go searching and you will find the hidden gems and tips that exist for our two Mrs Ferg stores.


Gelato chefs love working with the best equipment and quality raw materials so working on our beautiful traditional Italian Effe machines, and working on new and exciting flavours and constantly tweaking and improving our current ones is a fantastic place to be. We have full time positions and seasonal summer support required so check online today for any vacancies. We also require pastry chefs to support the gelato team.